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What is the Peloponnesian?

School's Out!

The spring semester wrapped up with a flurry of activity: 

  • Seniors were honored at the annual Senior Brunch. 
  • On May 3, over 900 students had their degrees conferred at MBU's largest Commencement ceremony.
  • Twelve MBU students participated in a mission trip to Haiti to rebuild a family's house that was destroyed during the 2010 earthquake and to run a Vacation Bible School.
  • The baseball team headed to Tennessee to participate in the opening round of the NAIA National Tournament.
  • The SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) Team took home top honors at a regional competition.

Campus may be more quiet in the summer, but we have big plans for alumni.  We've planned a new series of events for alumni - Spartan Summer Nights.  Alumni receive discount or free admission to several of the events.  For more information about these alumni events at popular St. Louis attractions, go to www.mobap.edu/alumni.

Remember When...

The old Spartan mascot looks quite a bit different in 1976 than it looks now.  Many things have changed at Missouri Baptist University since the 70's.  Come back and be a part of the excitement and see what has changed.


Did You Know... 

In the 70's, students, faculty, and staff came together to clean up campus on a special work day.  Floors were mopped, carpets swept, and windows were washed.  A meal was provided afterwards.

Connect With Alumni Online


Alumni Spotlight: Jill (Czapla) Willis, B.S. Communications '99
Student Activities: Volleyball team

 Why she chose to attend MBU: Rob Cornwell came to my Christian High School as a recruiter, and my club volleyball team coach was starting as the head coach at MBU.  Though I wasn't planning on college, God had other plans, and used those two men to get me there! 

 Favorite MBU Professor: Dr. Tige Bennett, Director of Communications Department.  She was a phenomenal teacher and friend. 

Favorite Memory: When me and my roommate decided to make quilts.  We both brought our sewing machines to the dorms and made our room into a sewing world.  Thinking back, I think it's hilarious that we did it.  Go figure that we wanted to put the time and energy into making quilts.  And other students thought it was a bit weird too.  Some came to our room just to see if it was true that two college athlete girls were making quilts.   

Occupation: Concerts/Events Manager for JOY FM Christian Radio Station (99.1fm)

Hobbies: Walking/jogging, reading, playing guitar, riding bikes, card games, and doing projects.

 Family: I just got married on January 22nd to Philip Willis.  We met on a mission trip to Guatemala the summer of 2009, and haven't separated since!