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What is the Peloponnesian?

Giving Back

The Alumni Association recently kicked off a new series of events called Backpack to Briefcase.  Alumnus Leonardo Capotorto, B.A. '05, M.B.A. '10 and former MBU soccer player came back to speak to students  about his career journey.  He started as a temporary employee at The Impact Group, and after 4 promotions he is currently the International Account Executive.  Leonardo shared his tips for success, such as his choice to wear a suit to work daily even when it wasn't required.  He spoke about taking initiative and doing more than what is expected.

Some alumni give back to their alma mater with their time.  Others give back with their finances.  Many choose to give specifically to student scholarships, especially if they received scholarship money to get them through school.  View these videos to learn about how student scholarships have benefited students:

Learn more about how scholarships have benefited Kaleb Krueger

Learn more about how scholarships have benefited Abbie Leslie

Are you interested in giving back but would like a tangible, permanent sign of your generosity?  Consider joining other alumni and supporting the University's expanding athletic, academic and student life programs.  Personalize a brick paver for the new Spartan Sports and Recreation Complex.  View more details here.

Are you interested in giving back to your alma mater but you're not sure how?  Contact Jennifer Black, Director of Alumni Relations, for more information.

Earn Money for MBU During Your Normal Grocery Shopping Trips

Do you shop at Schnucks?  Raise money for MBU student scholarships during your normal grocery shopping trips.  By using an eScrip card, a percentage of your Schnucks purchases will go to MBU student scholarships - at no cost to you.  How does it work?

  1. Pick up an eScrip card at the Customer Service counter at your local Schnucks. 
  2. Register your card by going to www.escrip.com.  Click on "sign up."  Follow the steps in the registration process.  Enter the group name (Missouri Baptist University) or group ID (500005074).  Registration only takes a few minutes.
  3. Hand your eScrip card to the cashier every time you shop at Schnucks.  No hassle to you, and every purchase counts. 

The eScrip card allows you to support up to three organizations.  If you already have an eScrip card, go to www.escrip.com and add Missouri Baptist University to your list of beneficiaries.

Liberty Mutual Insurance 

As alumni of Missouri Baptist University you qualify for a special group discount1on your auto, home, and renter's insurance through Group Savings Plus® from Liberty Mutual. This unique program allows you to purchase high-quality auto, home and renters insurance at a low group rate through the convenience of payroll deductions. 

See for yourself how much money you could save with Liberty Mutual compared to your current insurance provider. For a free, no-obligation quote, contact your local rep Jim Lehnhoff at 800-649-0238 ext. 55152 or Andrea Taylor at 888-971-8200 ext. 56581 or visit us online. 

1Group discounts, other discounts, and credits are available where state laws and regulations allow, and may vary by state.  Certain discounts apply to specific coverages only.  To the extent permitted by law, applicants are individually underwritten; not all applicants may qualify.  Coverage provided and underwritten by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and its affiliates, 175 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA

Graduate Online Programs

MBU is excited to announce the approval of five new graduate online programs.  Take advantage of the opportunity to advance your education while maintaining flexibility in your busy schedule.  Go to www.mobap.edu/online for more information.

Remember When...

Forty-one members of the class of 1975 participated in the third annual spring Commencement at Missouri Baptist College.  Graduates were all smiles as they left the gym after receiving their diplomas. 

The 2011 Commencement is on Tuesday, May 3 at the St. Charles Family Arena.  Over 900 students will receive their diplomas, ranging from bachelor degrees to doctorate degrees.  This is the largest graduating class in MBU's history.

Did You Know... 

The late Joe Hague of the St. Louis Cardinals spoke and answered student questions at an MBU chapel in 1971.  Hague was well-known for choosing not to use profanity; instead he replaced profanity with the word "mullet."  Hague used profanity as a kid but took it out of his vocabulary because "you don't gain anything from it."

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Alumni Spotlight: Clarence Duvall, B.A. Behavioral Science '81
"I believe that God made a way for me to experience MBU.  I was not the best college material, nor was I the best role model at the time I came to MBU; however, I can say that every single experience at MBU was transformational for me and it helped shaped my life." 

Student Activities: Basketball 1977-81 and baseball in 79-80.

Why he chose to attend MBU: The ability to afford an education is often the barrier for many people to attend college.  And my starting point for attending MBU actually begins with another school where I had been accepted to attend prior to coming to MBU. 

The financial aid and work study arrangements at the other university fell through at the last minute.  I was unable to afford the other college.  I was devastated so I returned to my home in St. Louis without plans to attend the fall semester of 1977.  My parents suggested that I find a school to attend temporarily so I enrolled at MBU for one semester with the intention of moving on to another university.  

Occasionally, I would go to the Gymnasium to shoot baskets and I got into a pick-up game with members of the MBU basketball team.  It became a habit, and one day while playing around in the gym Coach Chuck Brown walked up and suggested that I try out as a walk on player.  The next semester I was awarded a scholarship and the rest is history.  I will always be indebted to Coach Brown.  Because of him, I never left MBU.  Ultimately, I ended up playing the school that had recruited me previously and had great success against them each year we played them.

Favorite MBU Professors:
There were many professors that one could hold in high regard, yet the two that stick out in my mind would be Arlen Dykstra and Marie McIntosh.   Both of them provided me with direction not only in the classroom, but outside of the classroom as well and I can frankly say that they helped prepare me for adulthood. 

Favorite Memory: I am grateful to MBU for providing me with many memories from the classroom to the chapel to off campus activities.  As a student athlete there is one memory that stands out as a favorite and it begins with Leon McKinney, who served as Athletic Director and basketball coach.  Few people know that Coach McKinney began his tenure with MBU in the middle of a school year.  In fact, he walked into the gym to meet the team just four days before we were to play a game against a school that we had never beaten.   We had no expectation of winning our next game, and admittedly we were a bit undisciplined in some areas of our life.   We preferred to party more than be serious.  However, Coach McKinney groomed the team within three days and led us to our first victory against a team that regularly enjoyed success against us on our own court.  It wasn’t the game or the victory that is my favorite memory.  It was the preparation and work it took leading up to the victory that stands out in my mind.  It became a life lesson: There is no substitute for preparation.       

Occupation: I live in Little Rock, Arkansas where I work with Allied Wireless Communications (the owner of the Alltel Wireless Franchise); however, my calling the last 16 plus years of my life has been in bi-vocational ministry.  I have elected to serve in unpaid capacities in the church.  I use the income from Allied Wireless to pay family bills and help churches. 

I collect African American Art from the 1800’s and from historical artists.   I am involved in urban gardening and I assist in the rehabilitation of old houses.

Family: I live in Little Rock, Arkansas with my wife Karen, and have two daughters, Alisha 12 and Alana 10.