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Graduate Career Services: November/December Newsletter

Greetings from Graduate Career Services (GCS) in the Office of Graduate Studies! With finals behind you and holiday cheer ahead, make the most of your winter break by following these six simple steps to Holiday Career Success!

Happy Holidays,
The GCS Team


1) Create or update your LinkedIn profile and connect with professionals in your industry.
Utilize these quick tips on how to get the most out of LinkedIn.

2) Get some business cards.
Contact the DU Quick Copy Center for student-specific business cards or investigate alternatives like Vistaprint or Moo.

3) Reconnect with old contacts.
Send a handwritten note or card for the holidays to let your old contacts (such as former professors, mentors, classmates, and supervisors) know how you are and what you've been up to.

4) Investigate at least five career blogs. 
Don't know where to look? Start here.

5) Practice your "elevator pitch."
Take tips from the Harvard Business School on how to talk about yourself and your abilities professionally.  

6) Network at (at least one) holiday party.
Remember those business cards? Polished your elevator pitch? Time to use them!


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