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Graduate Career Services: October Newsletter

Greetings from Graduate Career Services (GCS) in the Office of Graduate Studies! With the start of the winter quarter, follow these TEN SIMPLE DOS AND DON'TS FOR LINKEDIN, and find out how GCS can help! Then, combine these tips with the resources on the right-hand side, including

  • career advice from DU-Alumni on life after graduation
  • RSVP to upcoming career workshops for graduate students
  • check out the featured job postings in Pioneer Careers
  • RSVP to a DU-exclusive LinkedIn event on January 30th!

*SPECIAL JOB ANNOUNCEMENT* GCS is now hiring a new Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA).  Click here for more information and to apply.  Position open until filled.

Please visit the GCS website to learn more about Graduate Career Services.

The GCS Team


1. DO update your profile regularly. Although there are lots of components to LinkedIn, your profile is the first thing employers and colleagues read about you.  Make yourself stand out!

2. DON'T forget to use spellcheck. Spelling and grammer mistakes can reflect poorly on your communication skills and attention to detail.

3. DO personalize invitations to connect, rather than send a blank or generic request. This will increase the chances of an aquaintance or colleague accepting your invitation. Not sure what to write? Here are some invitation tips to get started.

4. DON'T wait for the connections to come to you.  Be proactivbe about reaching out to people you've met in class, at conferences, or at the DU happy hour last weekend!

5. DO join the DU Alumni group.  As a member of any university alumni group, you can participate in discussions, view and connect with fellow group members, and find out about networking and job opportunities.

6. DON'T forget to research companies during your job search.  More than 2.6 million company pages can help you connect to current employees and learn about the organization. Google, alone, has over 26,000 employees on LinkedIn and 500+ jobs posted through the company page!

7. DO sign up for job alerts, and let LinkedIn do the job search for you by sending personalized email alerts on jobs you may be interested in. Click here to customize your alert settings.

8. DON'T hide behind your computer screen!  Invite your new LinkedIn connection (i.e. a classmate, a fellow DU alumni, a new colleague) to grab some coffee and share tips on where to look for internships, who else to connect with, and feedback on your own profile.

9. DO research people in your field. With more than 200 million members from 200 countries and territories, and 19 languages around the world (source: LinkedIn Blog), social media is a great way to access people you wouldn't otherwise meet.

10. DON'T miss out on the DU-exclusive LinkedIn event on January 30th.  Sign up here to get the inside scoop from John Hill, LinkedIn Higher Education Evangelist, on the networking power of LinkedIn.