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GCS Newsletter: Conquering the Career Fair

Greetings from Graduate Career Services (GCS) in the Office of Graduate Studies! With the DU Career Fair around the corner, navigate these EIGHT STEPS TO CONQUERING A CAREER FAIR to make the most of this opportunity! Then, combine the tips below and the resources on the right.

  • Check out the career tips from DU-Alumni on how to land your dream job
  • RSVP to the last three GCS workshops of the winter quarter
  • Explore the featured job postings in Pioneer Careers
  • Conquer the DU Career Fair on February 20th!

*DU CAREER & INTERNSHIP FAIR* Wednesday, February 20th from 3-6pm. Log into Pioneer Careers for a complete list of employer.

Please visit the GCS Website to learn more about Graduate Career Services.

The GCS Team


1. Be confident.  Remember, these employers are here because they want to hire DU students just like you!  Even if you're nervous, you can appear confident by making eye contact, maintaining a firm handshake, and talking about your specific career interest as it relates to their organization.

2. Do your homework!  Researching the companies ahead of time will allow you to seek out the employers you really want to meet and prioritize the order in which you approach them.

3. Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.  First impressions really do make a difference.

4. Prepare questions in advance. Asking specific questions about the organizations will impress the employers with your genuine interest in the companies and make you stand out.

5. Practice your elevator pitch.  With a long line of students behind you, make sure you can introduce yourself to the employers clearly and succinctly within 20 to 30 seconds (the average time of an elevator ride), highlighting key facts about your education and background.  Not sure what to say? Start here.

6. Customize your resume. A well-written resume will add to your positive impression on the employers. Make sure it's one page long, easy to read, and error-free.

7. Ask for business cards, and then scribble notes on the back so you can remember who you spoke to and, later, personalize your communication going forward.  

8. Follow up. Within 24 hours to one week of the career fair, follow up with thank you emails.  Your initiative will show the employer that you're interested in the organization while opening the lines for communication.