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Counselor Newsletter

Welcome back! Our first issue of the academic year highlights our International Business program and SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) organization.There are also changes to our admission process this year so please read through to our news item to learn more about our Early Action deadline.

Department Highlight

Why is she a half hour late for our meeting? Did he just kiss me on the cheek? Can this lady possibly sit any closer to me? Going global in the business world can be exciting and very profitable, but can also leave one confused about what their foreign counterpart is doing or thinking. With the extensive exposure through both business and culture courses, International Business (commonly called “IB” on campus) students at Eckerd have nothing to worry about when faced with these situations. IB students take traditional business classes, such as accounting and economics as well as similar courses, but with an international spin, such as International Management and International Finance. IB students are further exposed to cultural complexities by minoring in a language in addition to studying abroad at least once during their four years at Eckerd. In students’ senior year, they have the opportunity to put into practice everything they have learned by managing an international business via computer simulation while competing against their classmates as well as other business students worldwide. Typically over 10,000 undergrad and graduate students take part in this exercise and repeatedly Eckerds’ IB students manage to score a spot in the elite Global Top 100.

With this combination of world cultures and business fundamentals, IB students are prepared for all kinds of cultural encounters, no matter where in the world they end up. Some of our IB graduates are now employed at ING Dubai, World Bank Nigeria, IBM Venezuela, and Price Waterhouse UK. However, just because you major in International business doesn’t mean you have to leave the states. State-side, Eckerd IB alumni are at IBM, Proctor & Gamble, as well as Dunn and Bradstreet, to name a few. The broad, yet extensive, business and cultural preparation of Eckerd’s IB program truly leaves students feeling prepared to take on the world.

Alumni Highlight

Name: Dustin Malcolm '05
Occupation: Resource Assistant, Walt Disney World Entertainment

Where are you now and what are you doing?

After graduating from Eckerd in 2005, I moved just up the road to Orlando. I currently work for Walt Disney Entertainment at the Walt Disney World Resort. I have worked with Disney in several different roles since I graduated from Eckerd, but currently I am a Resource Assistant.

Some of the other roles I have performed include: Performer with Walt Disney Entertainment, Guest Talent Coordinator with Magic Music Days, Employment Coordinator with Casting, and Facilitator with Operations Learning & Development.

What does your job entail and how has your Eckerd experience impacted your career?

As a Resource Assistant, I spend most of my time assisting our leaders as they develop their career paths. I also support our Operations Learning & Development Department with management training programs and identifying future leaders and managers for the company. A lot of my role is problem solving and directing others to the right place.

Eckerd allowed me to focus on two things that I love - entertaining and working with people. My Eckerd career allowed me to develop problem solving skills and creative reasoning skills. I also learned from my professors the essentials that not only make me a great employee but also the essentials to make me a great person.

What opportunities have you had because of your Eckerd education and how have they impacted your life?

Perhaps the most amazing opportunity I had at Eckerd was the ability to travel the world. I spent time in Scotland, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Antarctica. These trips all had very different goals and all helped me grow in different ways. I know that these opportunities could never have been as impactful in a traditional classroom and that makes them so much more valuable to me.

Even after graduating from Eckerd, I still continue to travel and learn about the world. I recently went to Africa to visit a friend in the Peace Corps. The trip also completes my seven continent tour that started as a student at Eckerd.

Why did you choose Eckerd? What advice would you give students who are considering Eckerd?

I chose Eckerd because I knew that I could explore many career and learning opportunities without having to commit to one subject area. Before arriving at Eckerd, I had an idea of what I wanted to study but I hadn't made any definite choices. The curriculum allowed me to take courses in about eight different areas before I chose a major. I also knew that outside of the classroom I would have opportunities that could be found nowhere else. From Autumn Term to Winter Term, service learning opportunities to campus activities, Eckerd offers an amazing array of opportunities!

When considering Eckerd, don't spend hours thinking about what your major is going to be. Think about what Eckerd has to offer - amazing experiences that allow you to grow as a person! At 18, I don't think that anybody truly knows what they want to be when they "grow up."

Ask the Director

How do students from the colder climates adjust to life in Florida?

Adjusting to life in a warm climate is an interesting process. It takes a while for a lifelong Massachusetts resident like me to get used to the idea that “it will be nice again tomorrow”. Eckerd offers a long Orientation called Autumn Term. AT includes a credit-bearing class and three weeks of Orientation activities. Since our student body is geographically diverse (500 first-year students represent about 475 high schools!), we believe the extra three weeks gives time for them to gel as a class. It also gives them three extra weeks of warm weather before mid-year exams come along.

Do faculty really want to teach and mentor undergraduates? Wouldn’t they just rather do research?

Faculty who choose to make their careers at small liberal arts colleges like Eckerd love to teach. They love sharing their love of science, art, psychology, art, etc. with a group of people who are perched to be leaders. Professors at small schools still do cutting-edge research in their fields. Our students benefit because they are the lab partners and co-authors, working with professors from day one of their college experience.

Submit questions to the Director!

Student Highlight

Name: Chris Giordano ‘13
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Major: Marine Science, Biology Track, and Spanish

Favorite thing about Eckerd

Being a marine science major, the closeness of the water to our campus is my favorite thing about Eckerd provides to its students. What surprised me when I came here was that my professors took advantage of the resource in most of my laboratory sessions within my first semester. Unlike students a most other colleges, I was out in the field in my freshman year studying the local wildlife.

The other way Eckerd takes advantage of having access to Boca Ciega Bay is the amazing waterfront program available to all the students here. The school has an entire recreational facility dedicated to providing the student body with many different ways to enjoy the bay including kayaks, sailboats, and motor boat trips. I learned to sail through the waterfront program, and now try to go out at least twice a month.

Favorite dorm event you participated in

The best dorm event that I have attended was a s’mores cookout out at the Gamma community fire pit. Eckerd provides four fire pits across campus that the students can use to either make food or hang out around on a cold night. The dorm event I attended was on a brisk November night with the stars in the sky. Our RA had my dorm mates and me going around campus the day of to collect bits of wood we could burn that night. She surprised us by ‘finding’ an entire bundle of wood for us to use when our attempt at gathering did not go so well. What made it great was the sense of community that I felt with everyone else around the fire and the break it provided to us before we started our finals.

What have you done to give back to your community/environment?

I have participated in Eckerd College Homeless Outreach (ECHO) since my freshman Autumn Term. The club is dedicated to sharing food with the local homeless in St. Petersburg and advocating for their rights. This past year I became club president and now lead a group of Eckerd students in the fight against homelessness.

If you have traveled abroad with Eckerd, where did you go and your favorite moment?

One of the reasons I chose Eckerd was the many and great opportunities available to the entire student body to travel abroad. Personally, I have traveled abroad twice and hope to continue the tradition of going at least one place each year until I graduate. My first and most memorable experience abroad was on one of the sponsored alternative Spring Break trips offered through the office of Service-Learning. I traveled to an animal rescue and rehabilitation center in central Costa Rica. While there, I was able to witness the birth of a tapir by the light of the rising sun. It was something I will never forget.

How has EC changed your life?

I strongly believe that Eckerd provides many opportunities for any student to experience the revelation that opens the doors in their mind to a more global and multicultural worldview. For me, it was not a specific moment of realization, but a slow process that has allowed me to process how my actions, and my culture, interact with the others present in the world.

Organization Highlight

At Eckerd College we believe students should “ThinkOUTside”, expanding their education outside of the classroom and applying it to real world experiences. Eckerd’s chapter of Students In Free Enterprises (SIFE) is a perfect example of our educational philosophy. SIFE is an international organization found at more than 1,500 universities worldwide in 41 countries. SIFE teams are given the opportunity to create economic improvements in their communities by organizing outreach projects, based on what they have learned in their business classes.

Eckerd students have been competing in regional and national SIFE competitions since 1995, winning 10 of the last 14 regional competitions. Naveen Malhotra, Professor of Management and Finance at Eckerd College, has been awarded a Key to the City by the St. Petersburg City Council for his outstanding work with the EC SIFE team. During the same presentation, the City Council recognized the 2008-09 EC SIFE Team by awarding them the Sunshine Ambassador Award. Recognition was given for their efforts in the community with past SIFE projects, such as helping small businesses enter the international marketplace and budget properly to become more profitable.

Not only is joining SIFE a great way for Eckerd students to apply business practices taught in their classes, it’s also an outstanding way to get a foot in the door with some of the world’s largest corporations. The judges at SIFE competitions are actual employees and recruiting directors from 300 of the Fortune 500 companies and typically 3,000 students participating in SIFE competitions are offered jobs by these companies. Recent Eckerd grads have landed jobs with Prudential, CitiGroup, and Raymond James all thanks to their involvement with SIFE.

What's New at Eckerd

Deadlines! Deadlines! Deadlines! The college search process is filled with deadlines. Many students (not to mention teachers, counselors and admission reps) respond well to deadlines. This fall we have instituted an Early Action Program at Eckerd. We believe that many good students who are a good fit for Eckerd put our rolling-decision application on the backburner to work on other applications. We hope that the non-binding EA option will encourage some students to get their applications in early. All completed applications will have decisions mailed by December 15. We will then continue our rolling admission process starting on December 1. Deposits will be due May 1, the National Candidates’ Deadline.

Letter of Recommendation

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