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Counselor Newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of the Triton Times, a counselor newsletter from Eckerd College Admission! Inside each edition, you will find a profiled major, a profile of an alumna/us, student, and club, an item of Eckerd news, and an Ask the Director section. We encourage your feedback on the newsletter. We wish you and your families a safe and happy New Year.

Department Highlight

Environmental Studies at Eckerd College

Yellow bikes, ECO-clamshells and community gardens are just a few examples of sustainability efforts on the Eckerd College campus. It’s no wonder we were included in the 2011 Fiske Guide for Environmental Studies Programs highlighting the strongest environmental programs in the nation! Eckerd’s commitment to sustainability encourages students to cut car usage on campus with our community yellow bike program, re-use cafeteria to-go containers with our ECO-clamshells and even use garden-grown vegetables and spices from our community garden in the cafeteria.

Our environmental studies program is one of Eckerd’s top three majors. All students in the environmental studies program are required to do at least five service hours with our student run recycling program as well as complete a 70 hour internship in the environmental field during their senior year. The curriculum also provides students plenty of opportunities to partake in on-campus research projects as well as off-campus projects like our edible school yard project created by Professor Kip Curtis and Winter Term trips to Suriname studying biodiversity. Our faculty and staff in the environmental studies discipline are also active members of the community and encourage students to get involved in our campus, local and global community. Find out more how we THINKOUTSIDE with environmental studies at Eckerd.

Alumni Highlight

Len Meyer ‘80 - Highlands Ranch, CO - IT Management Consultant


What does your job entail and how has your Eckerd experience impacted your career?

I have reinvented myself, in a professional sense, many times since graduation. Eckerd taught me how to think critically while being open minded and that philosophy has opened many doors to opportunity. It is funny that those opportunities are very rarely where you expect to find them, but recognizing your seminal moments and acting on them appropriately have made all the difference.

Read more about Len’s Eckerd experience on our Alumni Profile pages:

Ask the Director

Maria Furtado, Director of Admission, answers your questions:

What's the best way to use the admission representatives’ time and the students' time at a high school visit?

If students do a little preliminary research, it's a great time saver on all sides. Simple factual information like size of the population are easy to find online. When you have an actual representative from the school there in person, ask questions that are harder to find answers to -- What kind of students love the school? How do students and faculty interact? What's distinct and different about that school? What parts of the application are the most important?

On the application, would you prefer to see a lot of activities or a few with in-depth experiences?

Most admission representatives are like me...we'd like quantity and quality! However, we know how busy all high school students are. I recommend students find a small number of activities they love and get involved in depth. The in-depth involvement will usually give more opportunities for leadership within the organization. The long list of activities that were once-a-year, one hour commitments do not really show where the student's passion lies. But a year-long commitment of a few hours a week really shows enduring commitment to an activity. We hope the student will bring that same passion and commitment to our campus.

Want to submit a question to Ask the Director? Email Maria Furtado,, to be featured in the next newsletter.

Student Highlight

Name: Brianna Dickinson
Year: Sophomore
Major: International Relations Global Affairs

What’s your favorite thing about Eckerd?
The balance here; the students, “Barefoot and brainy,” work hard and play harder, you are expected to give your all but can breathe easily here.

What made you decide to attend Eckerd?
The book, Colleges that Change Lives, the international student population, the push to be a proper global citizen, the travel opportunities, the beautiful atmosphere and the relaxed people.

Where do you spend your free time on campus?
At the hammocks on the beach or the seats at the waterfront.

What’s your favorite dorm event you’ve participated in?
Yoga and relaxation techniques with my alpha Gershwin dorm.

Where is your favorite place to study?
Pavilion on South Beach

What have you done to give back to your community/environment?
I participate in both the Monday night Feed the Homeless program and the Saturday Habitat for Humanity. What are your hopes for the future sustainability at Eckerd? That our dorms can have energy-efficient light bulbs and since students have already made a solar panel for the MIT grad maybe another can be made to provide energy for the school.

What is an environmental project you participated in on campus?
I haven’t participated in a big environmental project but I do recycle my glass and plastic bottles, I use the clam shells from the caf, and my friends and I always carpool or walk across campus.

If you have traveled abroad with Eckerd, where did you go and your favorite moment?

Nicaragua for a service-learning spring break. My favorite moment was being in the rural town of La Danta with people who never complain. Sitting on some rocks on the side of a creek and looking/listening to the area or having a heart attack watching the children hit a piata and keep swinging while others lunge for candy on the ground.

How has EC changed your life?
EC has made me more accepting of myself and helped me stop worrying about being accepted and about petty materialistic things in life. It has also made me question more things like hierarchy and the power of money and made me realize it’s my right to be passionate about what I care about and that I should fight for what I believe in.

Organization Highlight

Herpetology Club

What do you do in this club (describe a typical meeting/event):

The biggest event we participate in is a turtle sampling at Rainbow River 2-3 times per semester. The activity provides an opportunity to snorkel in a fairly pristine spring fed river, see some turtles (and alligators) up close, and learn some sampling and data collection techniques. Other activities include sampling snakes at night on campus, and some trips to wildlife refuges around Florida. A few members also go to the annual herpetology convention in Florida, a great experience for anyone new to the field.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of this club/activitiy?

My favorite part of the herpetology club is getting to know other people interested in the field. We do get to go to quite a few well preserved areas and have access to a very knowledgeable professor- Peter Meylan

Who to contact for more information:

Student contact Max Carnes-Mason at, or Vivian Porter at

What's New at Eckerd

Eckerd recently completed construction of the new GO Pavilion (named for Trustee George Off), a new facility housing concerts, sports and events on campus. The new facility will allow our community to take advantage of the year-long outdoor climate Florida has to offer, but will echo the overall forward-thinking attitude of the EC community. "Students are the most energizing part of Eckerd… my every encounter with students has always been uplifting," said Off. "Tara [his wife] thought of the name, the GO Pavilion, and we hope it will fit well with a place that has become unstoppable. Tara and I are proud to be a part of this college." The pavilion follows our philosophy at Eckerd emphasizing community events and the ability of staff, students, and professors alike to THINKOUTSIDE.

If you have questions or comments on how we can improve our newsletter, please email April Crabtree '04 at

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Fast Facts

Did you know that 96% of Eckerd's full-time faculty have terminal degrees in their field?

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